Re-Entry: Navigating Post-Quarantine Social Anxiety

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By: Jared Moskowitz Coronavirus had many effects on us such as health and financial concerns, but few considered the effects that coronavirus would have after life got back to normal and the health risks became less serious. I am specifically … Continued

Gender Dysphoria De-Mystified

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By: The Resource Group Team So What is it Like to be Transgender and Experience Gender Dysphoria Imagine waking up one morning and looking into the mirror. You don’t see yourself. You see a body. It stares back at you … Continued

Men & Mental Health

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For National Men’s Health Week, our clinicians Mark Whitaker, LCPC and Elliott Driscoll, LCSW-C sit down to discuss the unique mental health challenges that millions of men face every day.

Self Care Strategies to Improve Mental Health

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Trisha Chason, LGPC (she/her) is a Yoga Instructor, Health and Wellness Coach, and Psychotherapist at the Resource Group. In this live chat, Trisha answers your questions and shares self care strategies like mindfulness, sleep hygiene, and somatic practices.

Identifying and Healing Through Racial Trauma

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Racial trauma comes from places as big as government offices and as small as everyday interactions, and presents in many different ways. Dr. Whitney Hobson, PSYD, walks us through some of the ways we may be experiencing or contributing to it and the paths forward we can take.