DBT: Is It Right For Me?

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DBT was originally designed to help treat patients with suicidal thoughts and borderline personality disorder. As it’s grown in effectiveness and popularity, it has been adapted to treat a wide variety of mental health matters, especially ones that cause increased emotional distress such as anxiety and depression.

Relapse: Recognizing the Warning Signs

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By: The Resource Group Team Merriam-Webster defines relapse as: a recurrence of symptoms of a disease after a period of improvement. However, I feel that is too broad of a definition on what Relapse is. So I asked Marie Collins, … Continued

Stress and Anxiety in a Pandemic: How Your Mental Health is Affected in a Global Crisis

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By: The Resource Group Team COVID-19 has played a serious role in changing everything we know about the world, and that change has been seen deep in the mental health field. Whether you believe the change is good or bad, … Continued