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In person mental health therapy
at our Towson, MD, office and serving all of Maryland through online counseling

We offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy, individual therapy, medication management and help with DUI/DWIs.

Our mission is to reduce suffering

Over the past decade The Resource Group has been there for both my immediate and extended family. I have found their services on par with or exceeding those provided by "Nationally known" providers. The costs and commitments of both parties have been understood up front. I will contue to recommend The Resource Group to family and friends and remain completely satisfied with their professionalism and results.
Vincent Brocato
Vincent Brocato
Erica Ingram and Brittany Simpson are exceptional! I recommend them to anyone seeking out mental health services.
Ori Greene
Ori Greene
I go here for both therapy and medication management and my experience has been great! Erica and Julia are wonderful!
Jenna Mattern
Jenna Mattern
The Resource Group has an incredible staff of mental health care providers! Erica Ingram's patient tailored support and guidance has been very helpful.
Mumbi Wainaina
Mumbi Wainaina
Experienced counselors and Owner who are invested in your recovery. They go the extra mile to meet your needs
I am extremely satisfied with services I received at The Resource Group. The front office staff are friendly, helpful and professional. My practitioner put me at ease immediately. She helped me gain clarity and a path toward solutions I got to apply immediately. Grateful for the guidance I have gained at The Resource Group. It has changed my personal life and work life for the good… life changing actually.
JoAnn Guerzon
JoAnn Guerzon
Everyone is nice & the lady at the front desk always greets me so caring & I love her compassion
Monika Curtis
Monika Curtis

DUI Classes

Our DWI/DUI Education groups to build upon a comprehensive explanation and understanding of substance use and driving, with the intent that their first DUI is also their last.

Learn more about DUI classes

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Since opening in 1984, the Resource Group has become one of Baltimore’s leading providers of DBT. Located in Towson, MD, the Resource Group’s DBT program is committed to helping you live a life worth living.

Learn more about DBT

Individual Therapy

Our professional, Master’s level clinicians have been trained to help people with problems similar to yours and can recognize patterns in your life that have led to your mental unwellness. Clinicians give you evidence-proven resources, tools, and tactics to help manage unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

Learn more about individual therapy

Medication Management

We have psychiatrists who provide specific mental health support and guidance to patients who benefit from medication management. What’s the difference between therapy and psychiatry? Psychiatry focuses on healing mental health disorders which have positive results being treated with medication, whereas therapy works to resolve issues through behavioral and conversational methods only.

Learn more about medication management

Our mission is to reduce suffering and give you the resources you need to build a healthier, happier mind. We offer DBT, substance use treatment and more. Providing mental health & addiction care to Baltimore and Towson since 1984, we have served over tens of thousands of people like you.

We can help!

Unsure of which route to take? We can help! You can schedule a telephone or in-person consultation with admissions to assist in finding the right service for you.

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