A Culture Not A Costume: The Psychological Damage of Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation

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By: The Resource Group Team Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for the “Fifth of May,” is an annual celebration held on this day every year. The day is observed to commemorate the 1862 event where General Ignacio Zaragoza led the Mexican … Continued

Identifying and Healing Through Racial Trauma

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Racial trauma comes from places as big as government offices and as small as everyday interactions, and presents in many different ways. Dr. Whitney Hobson, PSYD, walks us through some of the ways we may be experiencing or contributing to it and the paths forward we can take.

Stress Management

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What is good stress vs bad stress? Where do they both come from? And when we’re constantly on the move, are they just necessary parts of life? Cryssy Andrews, LGPC, walks us through some ways we may be stressing ourselves out more than necessary and what we can do about it.

EMDR: What Is It?

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy might not sound familiar, but its benefits are things we can all get behind. Sit down with Elliott Driscoll, LCSW-C, to learn about how this mouthful of a treatment can help people find their power over grief, abuse, and trauma.

Setting and Managing Your Own Boundaries

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Boundaries are like opinions — we all have them. What is and isn’t okay? Who do they extend to? Clinical Director Maria Karolenko walks us through how to set them, when to set them, and how to communicate them to the people around us.

Warning Signs of Adolescent Substance Use

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As kids become teens, there’s almost always likely to be some changes in how they act. But how do you tell the difference between “teens being teens” and when there’s something else there? Join Katie McCabe, LCPC, for a talk about adolescent substance use, what it looks like, and how to talk about it with your teen.

How to Manage Your Test Anxiety

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Raise your hand if you’ve spent hours studying for a test, only to sit down and feel your mind go blank. Resource Connect Addictions Counselor AJ Johnson, ADT, sits down to walk us through tips and tricks to help us finally test out of test anxiety!