Cast A Vote For Mental Health!

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It’s election season! On our new episode of No Stupid Questions, join Paris Bienert, LMSW, and Marketing Specialist Brian Warner for a talk on how you can make this year different from the rest. It turns out your mental health can thrive BECAUSE you’re an engaged citizen, rather than in spite of it!

Inside the Mind of the College Athlete

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After the many recent high-profile deaths among student athletes, Katie McCabe, LCPC, and Elliott Driscoll, LCSW-C, are sitting down to talk about the pressure to perform. Touching on their own athletic experiences, they look at the college experience, substance use and trauma, and accessing mental healthcare before you’re being carried off the field.

Prescription Stimulants and Student Life

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Prescription stimulants have a complex relationship with college campuses — especially as finals week looms large. Sit down with Katie McCabe, LCPC, and Sarah Cummings, ADT, for a look at how prescription drug abuse has made its way into student life and how you can confront it this semester!

Sleep On the Mind

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If you’re like us, you’re still catching up on the hour of sleep lost in Daylight Saving Time. But it’s not that big of a deal . . . right?

Sit down for a chat with Mark Whitaker, LCPC, and Olivia Sinicropi as they discuss the ways sleep impacts our lives and our health. Conversations include alcohol, cell phone addiction, parenting, AND MORE!

How Does the Body Heal After Addiction?

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Join Katie McCabe, LCPC, and Resource Connect Clinical Director Marie Collins, LCPC, to learn more about what recovery looks like as you relearn how to fulfill some basic needs. From drug dreams to diet, Of Substance jumps into part two of three: healing the body after addiction.

When Addiction Meets A Mental Illness

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Where do substance use and mental illness meet? What looks like mental illness but gets more complicated on closer inspection? Elliott Driscoll, LCSW-C, and Katie McCabe, LCPC, go back inside the mind to talk about how addiction can get wrapped up in a tangle of neurons. Because for as complicated as recovery is, it might’ve met its match next to the brain!