Cast A Vote For Mental Health!

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It’s election season! On our new episode of No Stupid Questions, join Paris Bienert, LMSW, and Marketing Specialist Brian Warner for a talk on how you can make this year different from the rest. It turns out your mental health can thrive BECAUSE you’re an engaged citizen, rather than in spite of it!

RG Insights: Pride Over Shame

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The Resource Group strives to provide compassionate, competent care to all our clients. Our skilled LGBTQIA-affirming therapists and behavioral health providers are ready to help you. Call us at 410-337-7772 to start your journey of healing today. Submitted By: Brian … Continued

Queer Eye For The Ally: How You Can Be A Better Ally When Someone Comes Out

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By: Brian Warner We’ve all heard the same old jokes, and they’re always meant to punch down. “The LGBTXYZ789+ community.” “Did you just assume my gender?” Breaking news alert: these jokes were hacky then and they’re hacky now. Most people … Continued

Generational Trauma: Ukraine and PTSD’s Long-Lasting Legacy

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By: Brian Warner From 1932 to 1933, between 3.5 and 5 million Ukrainians died in the Holodomor – “death by hunger” in Ukrainian. The man-made famine, devised by Stalin in retaliation for the Ukrainian independence movement, left people across the … Continued

“Help” Is Not A Dirty Word: Knowing When It’s Time To Try Therapy

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By: Brian Warner Is this just a bad day or is it something worse? Will tomorrow be better or more of the same? If you’ve dealt with a chronic mental health condition, questions like these can loom large whenever you … Continued

Burn Bright, Not Out: Navigating Burnout and Substance Use

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By: Brian Warner “Like substance abuse, burnout is an illness of immoderation.” Pascal Chabot, Global Burnout For only being about one hundred years old, the idea of a balanced life with manageable working hours and two days off every week … Continued

Let’s Get Physical: Touch Starvation in a COVID-Cautious World

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By: Brian Warner I had a job interview about two weeks before COVID shut everything down. The growing pandemic had been in the news more and more lately, but most stateside cases were in California or New York, so I … Continued

Stop In the Name of Love: Understanding Your Partner’s Boundaries

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By: Brian Warner In Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. When the gods split them apart, each half could do nothing but want the other, constantly lost and searching … Continued

Escape the Cycle: Keeping Your Cool When Conflict Resolution Strategies Fail

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By: Brian Warner As much as therapy is about getting emotions and experiences off your chest, it can also be about learning skills to navigate those tough moments a little more deftly. Maybe you can name some skills to use … Continued