for adults & adolescents

Since opening in 1984, the Resource Group has become one of Baltimore’s leading providers of DBT. Located in Towson, MD, the Resource Group’s DBT program is committed to helping you live a life worth living.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, is an effective treatment for high-risk, complex emotional and behavioral concerns that a set of healthy coping skills to replace ineffective behaviors and manage intense emotions. Individuals exhibiting symptoms of borderline personality disorder, self-injury, suicidality, addiction, eating disorders, or other severe mood or anxiety concerns may benefit from DBT.

What Is DBT?

DBT combines methods from cognitive therapy (connecting thoughts, behaviors, and feelings), behavioral therapy (learned behaviors and how the environment impacts those behaviors), and aspects of mindfulness practices.

multifamily, young adult, and adult groups

Multifamily Skills Group is the adaptation of traditional DBT designed for adolescent clients (age 13 – 18) and their families. Clients attend group with a parent or caregiver instead of alone.

Adult and Young Adult (age 17 – 25) Groups are geared for clients to learn to accept their current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while practicing DBT skills with which to respond to life more effectively.

What happens during these sessions?

  1. A mindfulness exercise to center and focus the work in each session
  2. Review of last week’s “homework” assignment
  3. Learning a new DBT skill
  4. Receiving a homework assignment to utilize the new skill

How to Get Started

Those who are interested in engaging in one of the Resource Group’s DBT groups must complete an intake evaluation. Upon completion, clients will be added to the waitlist and enter group when a new module begins.

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