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Outpatient Program

After completion of the Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program, patients are recommended and encouraged to continue in the outpatient program. The goal of the adult outpatient program is to help patients sustain and strengthen their recovery.

These outpatient groups are 90-minutes long with a frequency of one to two times per week and incorporate education, discussion, and process. We offer these groups in the morning and evening to accommodate all schedules.

Additionally, patients with specific needs and interests may attend groups with different focuses or frequencies, for example:

● Groups for patients who have longer periods of abstinence and who want to expand their understanding of living in recovery

● Groups for patients who want to increase their skills in managing mental health symptoms

Patients must have approximately two-three months of continuous sobriety to qualify for the outpatient group. Those with severe mental health disorders may not be appropriate for the group, although they may benefit from our mental health programs for additional support.

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