Our Mission

Our missions is to reduce suffering.

We work with you to find relief and the means to

move beyond your current challenges.

Our Experience

Our People

Our People

We help our patients regain peace, stability, and control in their lives. All of our staff are Masters level clinicians with years of experience helping patients make their lives better.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We will provide a safe, compassionate environment where you can learn and grow to maintain a more fulfilling life.



In 1984 in Towson, Maryland, John E. Davis, PhD; Gloria Uhl; and Charles Whitfield, MD, partnered with the desire to offer the best clinical treatment for addiction and mental health issues. At the time, most facilities simply treated the physical consequences of addictive drug and alcohol use. Our founders were determined to move beyond this approach.

They embraced the concept of educating and training addiction professionals. They also knew that prevention and early intervention are the keys to treating substance use disorders. With this focus, they founded Resource Group, the first and only outpatient program in Maryland at the time.

Thirty five years later, our organization is still an innovative and successful program. We are proud to continue supporting clients the Baltimore area. Above all, we believe in delivering sophisticated and respectful mental health and substance abuse care.

Our Services

We can provide you with the tools and education to live the best version of yourself. The Resource Group has offered mental health services for adults, adolescents, and children in Baltimore County for over 30 years.

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Substance Use Treatment
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