Helping You Stay Healthy

Our mission is simply said: decrease suffering. We strive to eliminate anything we do that doesn’t contribute to that goal.

We want you to know that our talented staff aren’t going anywhere. We are here to help at a time when mental health issues are shown to be challenging. We are taking steps to make sure that accessing services won’t be harder or more hazardous than necessary.

Using Telehealth Services

Our providers have switched to using telehealth services to meet your needs. Most the services we offer will now be conducted by telehealth, unless you and your provider have arranged otherwise.

These are some of the other steps we are taking:

  • Reformatted each of the waiting areas’ seating to provide improved social distancing to discourage transmission of germs.
  • Ongoing trainings with the clinicians in the use of telehealth platforms so that all clients (including those in groups) can be seen by our providers from the safety of their homes.
  • Implemented a cleaning program to rid the most-contacted-areas in our public spaces on-site of germs several times throughout each day.
  • Our providers and staff have identified vulnerable individuals, including the elderly, those with immuno-compromising conditions, and patients with cardio-pulmonary conditions, and are encouraged to begin using telehealth services with those clients as soon as possible.
  • Created a telehealth support service team to assist clients who are not yet comfortable with audio-visual technology.

Our telehealth solutions for individual and family therapy sessions, medication management sessions, and group sessions make sure you can continue receiving your care throughout this time.

Our teams will work with you to help you connect to your provider.

Our support staff, admissions staff, and your provider can answer questions about these services and how to use them. Click here to learn more about telehealth at Resource Group.

Please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do to reasonably make the experience better as we weather these disasters together. We welcome constructive feedback.