Groups & Programs

At The Resource Group, we offer a number of opportunities for our clients to participate in group therapy because we know the benefits are great:

  • Groups give members the chance to be honest with others in an environment of safety and respect.
    Interacting with a group can counteract feelings of isolation and a sense of being alone with one’s feelings.
  • Groups bring together individuals with diverse views, responses, and feedback, that can help members explore and better understand themselves.
  • Groups can highlight the usual patterns members use in relating to other people, giving them an opportunity to challenge these patterns.
  • Members are able to try out new behaviors, learn new social techniques, and become comfortable with new ways of relating.

Getting Started

If you are new to the Resource Group / Resource Connect and are interested in a mental health or addiction group, please contact our Admissions Department below.

If you are already a client with us and wish to attend group therapy for mental health or addiction issues, discuss your interest with your therapist and contact our Admissions Department below. (Please note: your therapist cannot simply place you in a group.)

The therapists who lead our groups know that attending a group therapy session for the first time can feel strange. Please know that they will do all they can to assure that your group experience is comfortable and that you are clear on the background of any concepts or situations discussed. They are committed to making all of our groups safe and kind places for members to discuss whatever is troubling them, as well as a place to celebrate all their successes.

Most people are anxious about being able to talk in group. Almost without exception, though, (and within a few sessions) people find that they do begin to talk in the group. Group members remember what it is like to be new to the group, so you will get a lot of support for beginning to talk in the group.

For helpful suggestions on how to make your group experience truly effective, review our Group Therapy Guidelines.

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