Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program


Young people face enormous and ever increasing pressure to fit in.  The risk-taking behaviors of youth and the increased opportunity and access of our digital world crate challenges that sometimes lead young people to struggles with drugs and alcohol.  Through the focused learning of a set of critical life skills combined with family support and the development of healthy peer relationships, we help young people to navigate these challenges and avoid pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

The program employs the evidence based practice of Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  Young people attend group and individual therapy with intensively trained, licensed therapists in a safe, confidential setting.  Increasing self-awareness, tolerating distress, regulating emotions and developing healthy relationships with peers and family are all goals of our treatment.

Educational Benefit

Our program includes a Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) designed service learning project where students get the opportunity to earn service learning hours that can be used towards the earning of their high school diploma.  Students create projects that educate their schools and communities about the dangers of substance abuse and the benefits of prevention and treatment.  This program is facilitated by an MSDE Certified School Social Worker.

Evaluation of Progress

Attitude, attendance, and abstinence are the three main areas of evaluation.  Participants are not removed from the program for relapse, which are viewed as learning opportunities, unless they are not making progress.  Mental health services are available at an additional charge onsite for those who need them.  It is expected that participants attend all sessions drug and alcohol free.  The program is a strengths-based program.  It works to develop skills on top of already-developed client competencies.


Most clients who participate will attend some combination of individual, group, and self-help recovery as part of their follow-up care.


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Open to adolescents ages 13-17.

3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Approximately 8 weeks.

2.5 hours per group session.

Families attend group with their teens once per week (Friday).