Meet Our Clinicians

The Resource Group has seen the pain, the struggle, and the loss of hope that can accompany mental health issues.  We have dedicated ourselves to helping our clients regain a sense of peace, stability, and control in their lives. We believe that our well-trained, experienced staff and our safe, compassionate environment are the keys to helping clients and their loved ones do the work that will make their lives better.

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Debbie Driscoll

Financial Director

Phone: 410-337-7772 x1036

Jessica Rutledge

Front Office Manager

Phone: 410-337-7772 x1035

Kristen Weitzel

Billing Coordinator

Phone: 410-337-7772 x1025

Maddison Rogers

Admissions Coordinator

Phone: 410-337-7772 x1023

Martin Domack

Admissions Manager

Phone: 410-337-7772 x1029

Miebaka Kalama

Front Office Staff

Phone: 410-337-7772 x1049

Sandy Kemp

Assistant to the Director

Phone: 410-337-7772 x1030

Sierra Davis

Front Office Staff

Phone: 410-337-7772 x1040