Psychological Services

From memory to attention, learning differences to mood swings, psychological testing can provide a road map to well being and collaborative care. 

The Resource Group is unique among other clinics in the Baltimore/Towson area.  Our psychologists maintain expertise in conducting psychological assessments and prepare comprehensive reports that can inform treatment planning and clinical care.  We also collaborate with local agencies to share findings and develop comprehensive plans of care for home, school, and community.

Psychological consultation and assessments from our psychologists span the developmental spectrum, from children to older adults.  When you need answers about clinical concerns, we are prepared to help you find them.




The Resource Group acknowledges the variety of clinical contexts supported by psychological evaluation, and we have psychologists specially trained in the evaluation of:

  • attention, concentration, and executive function
  • psychosocial functioning
  • developmental and learning disabilities
  • anxiety and mood disorders
  • substance use disorders
  • personality disorders
  • and many others clinical concerns