DBT Skills Training

Skillful Living for Teens

Audience: Adolescents, ages 13-17
Frequency: 20 weeks, 1.5 hours per week

This adolescent DBT skills training group is a 20-week, 90 min group for patients ages 13-17 that is based on the same skill sets as the adult groups. All participants must be in weekly individual or family therapy and must not be experiencing any current life-threatening behaviors. Additionally, parents of group participants will meet periodically to learn/practice the skills their children are learning. The group curriculum is based on the book Don’t Let Emotions Run Your Life: For Teens.

Adult DBT Skills Training Group 2 (Quality Living)

Audience: Adults
Frequency: Open-ended, 1.5 hours per week

This open-ended, weekly 1.5-hour group is for clients who have successfully completed our 19-week Skillful Living Group or the equivalent, are not experiencing current problems with life-threatening behaviors, use mindfulness and distress tolerance skills with some consistency, and seek more facility and consistency in applying emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness skills in their daily lives.

Participants validate each other’s efforts and challenge each other to “act skillfully”. A client may continue in this group as long as they can identify at least two behavior-change targets and is compliant with self-monitoring and skills practice outside of session time.

Adult DBT Skills Training Group 1 (Skillful Living)

Audience: Adults
Frequency: 19 weeks, 2 hours per week

This 19-week, 2-hour therapy/education group is for clients with any of several compulsive and/or self-harming behavior problems  and/or serious emotional regulation problems. Participants will learn and practice mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. Clients can repeat the course of training after the initial 19 weeks, or may be “promoted” to DBT Skills Training Group II (Quality Living).